Couples Retreat Workshop – Create A Permanent “Honeymoon Period” Of Love And Intimacy In Your Relationship

Do you remember when you were first together with your significant other?

Do you remember those first few months, first few years? Everything was new and exciting, you were intoxicated with each other, probably glued to one another, spending every waking second together and loving every moment.

A lot of people believe those times – the honeymoon period of the relationship – disappear
and can never be regained.

But the truth is, it can – it can be a PERMANENT part of your relationship, entwined with the intimacy and familiarity you feel right now after spending so long together.

No matter what problems you’ve had in your relationship – resentment, distance, cheating, too much fighting, inability to forgive – our Couples Retreat can help you come out the other side with new, stronger bonds, and with the tools to continue from now in a healthier, blissfully happy version of your relationship.

In our workshop, we create an environment that’s fertile and natural, making our couples comfortable while we hand them the tools to understand how their inbuilt habits are either harming or helping their relationship. Each couple undergoes experiential techniques and walks away with new, healthier habits which strengthen the relationship over time, instead of undermining and weakening.

This isn’t “just another couples’ therapy” where we get you back on track until the next ingrained behavior loop causes an argument or disagreement that you both simply can’t get past. Through our experiential processes you’ll learn to overwrite those old, harmful behaviors and replace them with a deep, intimate understanding of each other and how to face problems and miscommunications in a healthy way, without challenging or devaluing your loved one.


  • How to intercept old relationship patterns and turn them into more healthy ones
  • How to communicate effectively, even when one or both of you is feeling emotional or threatened
  • How to renew the trust in your relationship, and make it bulletproof
  • How to manage conflict – in many relationships, conflict, or friction is the default way of communicating… but it doesn’t have to be this way, and we’ll show you how to overcome it
  • How to reconnect, and rekindle the intimacy you once had
  • How to share your feelings effectively and create a safe environment within your relationship for your partner to share their deepest and most fragile feelings, too

You may be reading this and wondering if this workshop is really for you, or if the techniques
will work within your relationship. That’s a smart question, as everybody is different, and each relationship is unique.

Please read the following questions and answer each of them honestly, from within your heart of hearts:

  • Do you feel like you’re no longer in love as you once were, almost like you’re drifting apart, falling out of love?
  • Do you feel like you no longer know your partner, or that they’re not the person you thought they were? Or do they feel that way about you?
  • Does it feel like your lives are separate, pulling in opposite directions?
  • Is one or both of you less interested in physical intimacy than you used to be? communicating… but it doesn’t have to be this way, and we’ll show you how to overcome it
  • Are you more like room mates than lovers?

If you were honest with yourself and you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you and your partner could benefit greatly from our Couples Retreat workshop.

We believe that this workshop may be the one thing that turns around an ailing marriage or relationship. In many cases these things simply aren’t addressed, and the relationship fails even though it was perfectly salvageable.

We also believe you’ll leave our workshop with a new, deeper connection to one another, with extra levels of intimacy and a greater appreciation for each other. And you’ll take with you tools to help you continue to strengthen those bonds over the coming years and decades.

Why do we believe those things? Because it’s what couples tell us after going through the process. Here’s what Gwen said:

“Creating intimacy, reigniting passion, and deepening our connection.” – Gwen

There are many different reasons for a relationship to struggle and falter, and one of the main ones is that you both change over the years. Change is inevitable, all humans change as they go through their lives. We’ll help you deal with those changes in a healthy, positive way, so you grow together, instead of growing apart.


If you or your partner are not open to working in a group, or if you feel your situation has continued for so long that you can’t see the route back to happiness, we offer a private Couples’ Intensive just for you.

Our Couples’ Intensive weekend is a direct way for one couple to recommit and reconnect
your relationship in a powerful and very real way, with positive, blissful results. This involves
our expert team focused solely on the both of you for the entire weekend, handing you the
tools to make the beneficial changes you want to make.

We would be truly honored to help you create the relationship of your dreams. If you’re
having any of the problems we’ve mentioned today, please click the button below to register
with us immediately.

We know we can help turn your relationship around, and we really want you guys to make it!

Please contact us to register for the program.