Understand Why You Are Where You Are Financially, & Learn To Heal The Issues That Got You There

Though it may be true that money itself can’t buy happiness, the idea of money, or lack of money, and the way it affects you – can certainly bring you unhappiness.

Whether you know it or not right now, you have an inbuilt, pre-programmed relationship with money. The amount of money in your life – whether it be debts, money you’ve saved, the amount you earn – is directly related to those pre-programmed relationships and habits.

The trouble is, most people, 99% of us, are unaware of these relationships and how they affect us, so we find ourselves constantly pushing and struggling against our own internal programming without even realizing.

If you’re continuously racking up debts or feeling like you can never quite get ahead financially, it’s because of that internal programming.

And on the other hand, if you’re somebody who hoards money and never allows themselves to spend it, that’s also because of your internal programming.

The bottom line is that most of us have a confusing relationship with money, and in almost every case it holds us back and doesn’t allow us to experience true freedom or abundance, no matter how much we are making. If you make a good living and still feel “broke” the answer isn’t to make more money, it’s to reset those inbuilt beliefs you don’t even know you have, and allow yourself to experience the reality of your situation, instead of experiencing only the pre-programmed feelings.

And that’s where our Healing Money Issues program comes in.

Our experts will work with you and help you examine the moments and experiences in your life which have shaped your relationship with money. You’ll process and debrief the deep-seated feelings you probably don’t even know you have, and it will allow you to lay to rest a lot of the unnecessary baggage you’ve been carrying around in that area. Many people have undiscovered feelings of shame, trauma and guilt around money, but they’re barely aware of them or how they impact their daily decisions.

If you’ve ever found yourself about to buy something and thought “I really shouldn’t be doing this”, then this program will help you uncover where those feelings come from, how to process them, and how to replace them with healthier, more empowered feelings.

From there, we’ll work with you to create some new, more positive ways of looking at money. We’ll uncover those negatives and work toward over-writing those programs with positive ones instead, so you have empowering and useful thoughts and feelings around money.

For most people there are three big financial numbers in their life. The amount they make,
the amount they owe, and the amount they have saved.

Whether you realize it or not, every single one of those numbers is tightly tied to your current relationship with money. The healthier that relationship, the more you make, the less you owe, and the more you are able to save. This is a fundamental truth.


  • How to identify your own personal beliefs about money, and understand which of them are serving you and which are keeping you stuck
  • How to understand and process the experiences in your life which have had an impact on your relationship with money
  • Discover healthier ways of thinking about and relating to money
  • Find out how your net-worth impacts your self-worth – this is a big deal, and the wrong relationship here can put a permanent ceiling on your income and growth
  • How to leave a true financial legacy for your family

We strongly believe our program will unlock your ability to earn more, create more, and to enjoy the fruits of your labors in a healthier way.

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