Each day in Mastering Me, I experienced clarity and understanding of events in my life. At the end of the workshop I felt rejuvenated in my life roles as a professional, wife, sister, daughter and friend. Within the intimate setting of this group and through the varied exercises, I learned about myself not only through my own voice, but the voices and stories shared from others in the workshop. Our lives had all taken different paths, yet we shared commonality in seeking clarity and healing from past habits, questions or conversations with people in our lives. This experience supported me in regaining and strengthening my confident, loving, connected voice that impacts and influences my relationships, my career and all of my choices.
Having done extensive work in the area of personal development, I came to Laurie Emery, the founder of Build Your Life By Design, for individual life coaching. I wanted to take the rudiments of what I learned, apply it and take my life to the next level. My experience has been awesome. I now know what it is to have a coach stand for me even when I forget to stand for myself. I have experienced compassion, understanding, and the occasional footprint on my rear end.

This has been unquestionably one of the most valuable and fruitful relationship in my life. The inspiration is not in what she says but in who she is. I created huge growth in many areas of my life due to working with Laurie and Build Your Life By Design.

Bill Urell
This December I will be turning 65 years old. For the last 12 years I’ve been fortunate enough to realize the conversation going on in between my ears and my behavior were causing me problems. My relationships with family and people were rough around the edges. I once read, which actually has became one of my favorite quotes “ When the student is ready the teacher appears“. I have worked hard on myself participating in many self help groups, work shops, life coaches, therapists and 12 step programs.

I met Dr. Laurie Emery approximately 12 years ago. I can not say enough regarding the gratitude I have for her help and dedicated passion she has with helping me and all those I know who receive her help. My last work shop I just completed dealt with psycho drama. Dr. Emery teamed up with one of the best instructors I’ve experienced. As a team they both facilitated this (4) four day work shop. The atmosphere created was safe. I was able to feel feelings that were buried deep. My fellow students supported me as I did them. Doors opened and I chose to enter and continue my healing process. I thank Laurie and Mary for helping me be the BEST version on ME!