It has been brought to my attention that you are currently not living a life of no regrets.

Please take the following quiz openly and honestly.

Once you have your score, see below for the solution and let’s get you back on track!

Apply the following points to each answer:

1- Not true for me

2- Somewhat true for me

3- Very true for me


1.  I am so busy that I sometimes feel I don’t have time to enjoy life.

2.  I am not willing to conquer self-limiting beliefs.

3.  I have trouble expressing or managing my feelings (especially anger).

4.  Anxiety and/or depression seem to increasingly interfere with my sense of well-being.

5.   I often wish I had more freedom to things I want to do in my life.

6.  I have made promises to myself and others to change, and then failed to follow through.

7.  I feel inadequate or wish I had more confidence.

8.  I sometimes behave in ways that hurt/harm myself or others.

9.  I am currently experiencing issues with, or have you ever experienced:  (rate each line with 1, 2, or 3)

-Abuse: physical, emotional, neglect, or sexual

 -Addictions: (food, shopping, relationship, internet etc.)


-Unresolved childhood pain

-Self-sabotaging Behavior

10.  In my daily life, I would like to: (rate each line with 1, 2, or 3)

-Generate more energy

-Feel happier

-Be more self assured

-Have career satisfaction

-Act from Love rather than Fear or Control

Score 1-20
Congratulations, you are in an excellent place in your life right now. On a high level you might be considering new career opportunities, assisting others in their personal development or even expanding your own awareness. For someone in your score range the Mastering Me weekend leads to support that which is already working in your life, and will add new skills to continued learning and growth. You might use the weekend to overcome a specific obstacle or allow yourself the freedom to take new and important risks for even greater happiness.

Score 21-40
This score shows us that some aspects of your life are running smoothly, yet you are faced with some difficult, unfulfilling, or painful situations somewhat regularly. Because you know how good things can feel, it may become increasingly difficult for you to keep having to deal with the same frustrations over and over again. The Mastering Me program is specifically designed for people in this score range to increase their personal satisfaction and eliminate painful or frustrating situations, by guiding you to make more effective choices, all of the time rather than just some of the time.

Score 41+
Ouch! This high score tells us that you are facing a serious amount of pain, discomfort or dissatisfaction on a regular basis. You deserve more happiness and less pain in your life. You deserve to be able to get through each day/week/month of your life without discomfort, pain or even numbness. Mastering Me is a program that will truly free you from the difficult and hurtful situations you are facing on a daily basis.

Results are just that – results. So no matter what your score, my solution is the same! Register today for Mastering Me February 19th – 22nd and let’s get you on track, living the life you say you want!

To your success,

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