Family Intensive – Heal The Wounds In Your Family & Bring Back The Harmony In One Life-Changing Weekend

Friction within your family can be one of the hardest things to deal with. It’s very easy to experience the disconnect of this.

If this is affecting you, our Family Intensive can truly help.

Issues within a family can usually come from trauma, or unexpected changes. If you’ve experienced friction, unhappiness, or a feeling of disconnectedness within your family, our Family Intensive Workshop provides a safe, nurturing environment for you to rebuild the bonds and heal your family from the inside out.

Unlike most family workshop programs, we’re not simply going to fill you full of “feelgood” pop psychology and tell you it will help you over time.

We want to help you NOW. We want to heal you NOW. So we’ll take steps to make that happen.

Our team of specifically trained experts will put you through experiential therapy which will give you the emotional and mental breakthroughs necessary to make real progress and connection within your family.

This process will help you get to the root of your problems, and deal with them in a healthy way, while maintaining the loving connection that can be so hard to find in times of trouble.

One of the most common themes when going through these times of difficulty is a feeling that it’s somehow “too late”, or that the problems within your own family are somehow beyond help.

We’d like you to know that it’s never too late. Our workshop will allow you to reconnect with those you love, and we’ll hand you the tools to push out any toxicity and resentment that has taken root. We’ll cleanse your wounds together, leaving you all stronger, and closer.

You’ll develop the skills and awareness to resolve conflict and disagreements in non-confrontational ways while maintaining a fully supportive and nurturing relationship with your loved ones. This allows true healing, while your family continues to feel safe, secure, and loved.

Our Family Intensive Workshop provides you with a safe environment for you and your loved ones to work with our highly specialized staff. The end result is that you’ll leave with renewed family bonds, and you’ll be equipped with the tools to work on yourselves long-term, to get lasting results.

Here’s What We Believe You’ll Learn:

  • How to dramatically reduce the conflict and discord within the family, and once again start feeling the warm bonds of a healthy family unit
  • How to communicate organically and healthily, in a way that creates connection and trust, instead of damaging those things
  • How to stop arguments and petty disagreements by developing healthy boundaries that make the relationship stronger and let you grow
  • How to deal with disagreements and family problems in a positive way that builds trust and love, bringing back the peace and harmony that should live in every home

Our strongest belief is that you’ll walk away with not only the tools to create the thriving, happy family environment you’ve longed for, but also with more love for your family members than you’ve ever felt before.

If you’re looking to forge the strongest possible, most loving connections within your family,
then we strongly suggest you take this workshop at your soonest convenience.

Please contact us to register for the program.