Transform Your Business Elite – Proven, Expert Coaching Toward Th e Business Growth Explosion You ’ ve Always Hoped For

What’s the one thing that all your goals, all your dreams and every single hope and aspiration you’ve ever had for your business has had in common?


Most people don’t understand that setting goals, having accountability partners and all that other stuff, that’s not REALLY how you get business growth.

Sure, it creates a little growth – more efficiency always will… but wouldn’t you rather
experience an exponential explosion of growth?

Wouldn’t you prefer to supercharge your income and finally experience the abundance you’ve been seeking?

The only way to get that – the only way to experience true, unrestricted growth is to focus on
the ultimate leverage point…

… YOU!

And that’s how our Transform Your Business Elite coaching program works. We focus on YOU. We give you cutting edge processes and techniques and then coach you through them until you see the breakthroughs we just know are waiting for you.

We understand you are the driving force behind your business…and we also know that your business only gets as far as the weak points in your own approach and mindset.

And we know the breakthroughs are waiting for you because we’ve already coached dozens of other entrepreneurs into achieving and creating things they didn’t even dare to dream was possible until we started our coaching calls with them.

Most “business coaching” programs concentrate on the specifics of your business, the processes and minutiae, but we know that those things aren’t the key.

If your business isn’t achieving all it can possibly achieve, the chances are that the issues are within YOU, and not your processes or the business model.

That’s a tough pill for some people to swallow, but if you’re feeling like you’re on a “hamster wheel” and working harder than necessary to maintain your current level of success…

… then this coaching will be the key to getting you past that.

You see, even the most visionary leader and entrepreneur has blind spots. That ’s just a fact of life…
… but what makes it such a challenge is that none of us can tell what our own blind spots are
– that’s what makes them blind spots!

So the most dynamic, efficient, proactive entrepreneur or CEO in the world is still restricted by what he doesn’t know – the habits and patterns he falls into instinctively, without realizing he’s doing it. And those blind spots, those habits, they are holding you and your business back, even right now, today, while you’re totally unaware of them.

With our Transform Your Business Elite program you’ll quickly discover the blind spots and “thought loops” that have been restricting your growth and progress, and then we’ll coach you to beating them and experiencing the sudden explosion of advances and improvements in your business that usually follows when you remove ALL roadblocks.

This powerful coaching course consists of 12 in-depth weekly modules, each based around understanding yourself and learning to get past your current limitations. Along with each module, you get a weekly call every week with Dr Emery and Dr Warren to help you dig deep and really propel yourself into the greatest possible achievements for you as a person.

These calls are intimate, and the groups are tight-knit. Our coaching will let you go deeper than you’ve gone before, and you’ll be almost FORCED to push through your current barriers and “thought roadblocks.” In a way, your progress will be inevitable, as we’ll be standing on the sidelines urging you forward and pushing you to make breakthroughs.

This will be more powerful for you than any number of accountability partners or tools that
other business growth programs give you.

Here’s what just one of our clients, Brett, had to say:

“ I recommend this program for anyone who is authentically seeking excellence. After studying personal and business transformation strategies for years, I’ve found that Dr. Emery is endearingly bold while maintaining a focus on facts vs. hype and results vs. rhetoric. I recommend her to anyone who is authentically seeking excellence in their life. ”

– Brett Dabe

Once you’ve completed the Transform Your Business Elite program and experienced all the
mind-changing positivity and benefits you’ll be eligible for the Transform Your Business Live

In the live workshop, you’ll give life to everything that’s been theory until that point. You’ll understand how to make true distinctions in your life, how to create the new foundations for your business as you move forward from now, and how to TRULY achieve your most spectacular goals.

These are four days that will truly represent a landmark shift in the way you do business, and what you believe is possible.

It’s our experience that you’ll walk away from the Transform Your Business program with the ability to achieve goals so big the old you wouldn’t have even dared to dream them.

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