Dr. Laurie Emery, the founder of Build Your Life By Design, has spent her entire life helping the members of her community become better people, partners, parents and professionals. Starting with her early career working with students with emotional and behavioral problems in Palm Beach County Public Schools, Dr. Emery has been singularly dedicated to ensuring that everyone in her care has the opportunity to live a thriving, successful, happy life.

After earning her doctoral degree, Dr. Emery founded Families By Design, a practice that helped both adults and children live more connected, fulfilling lives. As an advocate for families and children – particularly those with special needs – Dr. Emery established herself as a leading voice in the community regarding family and individual therapy issues.

As a business owner, Dr. Emery has always felt a profound affinity towards fellow entrepreneurs. She is intimately familiar with the struggles, fears and frustrations that business owners confront on a daily basis. She has experienced the extraordinary highs of success and the weight of concern when progress has stalled.

Her years of experience convinced her that a stellar business plan and a tremendous work ethic aren’t enough to ensure business success. To achieve their goals, business owners must be willing to work in every area of their lives, looking at their blind spots and clearing out the beliefs that hold them back personally as well as professionally.

Armed with this insight, Dr. Emery again set out to start her own business. Build Your Life By Design offers intensive, experiential workshops, intensives, and coaching to business owners who want to grow their success by improving every area of their lives. Based on her decades of experience helping people, first as a teacher, then as a therapist, and now as a transformational expert and coach, Dr. Emery has refined and perfected her programs in order to continue serving her clients and community.

In my experience these trainings are customized to support you in creating the life that fully aligns with who you are and what you want. Highly effective.
My time with you is invaluable. I just got off the phone with a client, and I find that I’m BEcoming a different person with you, and as result, I’m coaching people DIFFERENTLY and more effectively. You have made me 10 x more effective…and this makes a difference in the lives of my clients – RIPPLE EFFECT! I AM GRATEFUL!
I benefited greatly from the group coaching workshop facilitated by Mary and Dr. Laurie Emery in the spring of 2014. In particular, I was able to break through a challenging block that prevented me from enjoying golf again, thus enabling me to take my game to the next level. A true gift!
Having done extensive work in the area of personal development, I came to Laurie Emery, the founder of Build Your Life By Design, for individual life coaching. I wanted to take the rudiments of what I learned, apply it and take my life to the next level. My experience has been awesome. I now know what it is to have a coach stand for me even when I forget to stand for myself.