Our Build Your Life By Design trainings are created with the specific intention to provide you a space where you can create the best version of you, your career, your family and your relationships. Combining performance coaching and educational instruction while employing proven modalities in their own proprietary structure, phenomenal results are no longer out of reach – they become a reality.

What is Experiential Transformation?

Experiential Transformation is a highly effective group of methods and procedures that have the ability to create deep permanent personal change. Unlike traditional workshops and mental health ‘talk therapy’, experiential transformation calls YOU to actively engage in personal experiences in order to resolve your personal inner conflicts. Such debilitating conflicts hide in your blind spots and are often only seen by repeated unwanted results and frustration at not ever reaching your true potential in all areas of your life. Often these deep rooted conflicts that have possibly been blocking you from your highest success all of your life — allowing YOU to emerge empowered and free from whatever was holding you back.

What are people using experiential transformation reporting?

  • Less stress
  • Far fewer compulsions & addictive behaviors
  • Seriously reduced thoughts of inadequacy and inferiority.
  • A serious vision for their life driven by their true values
  • Clarity about who they are and what really matters to them
  • On track for an extraordinary life
  • A sharp reduction in feelings of depression, anxiety and fear.
  • The ability to stay grounded in the present and master creating powerful beliefs and thoughts.
  • Feelings of openness to having warmer, connected and loving relationships with others
  • Total ability to express themselves… AUTHENTICALLY.
  • Empowered to create the results they want
  • Ability to live to their fullest potential and not settling in life for anything less!

What’s the bottom line is this?

If you are tired of being tired & frustrated with your results…
If you are tired of settling for a life that is less than fulfilling, clear, and directed by YOU…
Then it is time to clear your own core road blocks and start creating the life you say you want.

YOUR most fulfilled, successful life is waiting!!!